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Death and the Weary
Let not the sting of death bear upon your weary spirit.
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Ebran Headshot Sketch by TheSleepingGods Ebran Headshot Sketch :iconthesleepinggods:TheSleepingGods 5 0 WIP: Protay, Escort of Death by TheSleepingGods WIP: Protay, Escort of Death :iconthesleepinggods:TheSleepingGods 1 0 Sketch: Protay, Escort of Death by TheSleepingGods Sketch: Protay, Escort of Death :iconthesleepinggods:TheSleepingGods 1 0 Fey Marks, Sketch by TheSleepingGods Fey Marks, Sketch :iconthesleepinggods:TheSleepingGods 0 0 Some Guy by TheSleepingGods Some Guy :iconthesleepinggods:TheSleepingGods 0 0 Male Throat by TheSleepingGods Male Throat :iconthesleepinggods:TheSleepingGods 1 0 Ebran2 by TheSleepingGods Ebran2 :iconthesleepinggods:TheSleepingGods 3 0 Ebran by TheSleepingGods Ebran :iconthesleepinggods:TheSleepingGods 4 0 Largo WIP by TheSleepingGods Largo WIP :iconthesleepinggods:TheSleepingGods 0 0
Blaise and Ebran
Blaise strummed the strings. Sounds left his instrument like a sweet siren's song through the night air.
He gazed out into the distance, admiring how the lush green forests ebbed and swayed with the construction of mountainside.
Something in the night air inspired him to play more sweet and melancholy.
"You play well," a voice stated.
Blaise paused and turned slowly to gaze upon a fey of milk-white skin walking toward him. Glancing down Blaise saw the sharp black nails press against the earth as the fey stepped.
"What's your name?" Blaise inquired. He'd never met a fey before but tales mentioned their docile nature and curiosity. A peaceful race or magical beings, the fey admired things that caused their minds to grow calm.
"I am called Ebran. May I listen to you play?"
"Of course."
Smiling to himself Blaise played for Ebran. He lost himself in his music and stopped when Ebran gasped.
"You make light!" Ebran exclaimed.
"What do you mean?"
Ebran moved closer and Blaise to make out the g
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Fey Eyes by TheSleepingGods Fey Eyes :iconthesleepinggods:TheSleepingGods 2 0 Ebran Feyla by TheSleepingGods Ebran Feyla :iconthesleepinggods:TheSleepingGods 1 0 Hanna O'lean by TheSleepingGods Hanna O'lean :iconthesleepinggods:TheSleepingGods 3 0
Woe to Man
Woe to Man
Be he the one of tales
So beholden of despair
A man whom resides in tales of women
Of virtue and strength abounds
Woe to Man
He sits alone upon the bridge
Complacent to the world
When touched his eyes ring hollow
The fire long since dead
Woe to Innocence
Lost in the horror of Man
One glisten of understanding
Slaughtered by truth
He sits on the bridge and wonders:
Will I ever be happy?
To which the world says...No.
:iconthesleepinggods:TheSleepingGods 1 5
"I will play the piece my master taught me." He spoke as he released the man's hand and let it fall to the floor before him. He licked his lips and allowed himself the rare moment to relish the feel of fresh life racing through his body, calming the aches immortality wrought.
The window of his study had been shattered decades ago. He found that despite his constant desire to play his viola he was unable to find the motivation to have it repaired.
No matter, he thought. The midnight breeze is pleasant most nights.
With the ancient instrument in hand he sat upon his chair and began to play. The gentle thud of his victim's dying heart was quickly overpowered by the beautiful cords he pulled over.
The memory of his dying moments as his master played that exact song for him filled his ancient mind. He could still feel the gentle release as the last bit of blood left his young, strong body. Now he was strong and young for eternity.
That gift he chose not to pass on to his dying prey. The man
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AGL Studios is Open for Business!

Team :iconpechan::iconsakuyasworld::icondinmoney: is now AGL Studios! or AGLstudioArt
Check out our new website:
Hit us up on facebook:
AGL Studios is a Southern California based digital art studio specializing in Illustration, Concept Art, Game Art, User Interface and Comics. We provide a wide spectrum of quality pre-production services catering to your creative needs. Whether it is character design, environment design or storyboard etc, our creative team of passionate and professional artists are ready to deliver.
Happy Painting^^
-Geoff Trebs (din)
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Steam gunner Giltia by yuchenghong Steam gunner Giltia :iconyuchenghong:yuchenghong 2,611 44 Jandice Barov by TamplierPainter Jandice Barov :icontamplierpainter:TamplierPainter 3,322 105 Applibot - Ice Princess Adv by trejoeeee Applibot - Ice Princess Adv :icontrejoeeee:trejoeeee 1,479 38 Vatori Advanced Version by trejoeeee Vatori Advanced Version :icontrejoeeee:trejoeeee 4,466 168 eclipse by len-yan eclipse :iconlen-yan:len-yan 2,743 49
Headshot sketch commission (Closed)
Hello, I am accepting headshot sketch commission

20 USD per head
You will receive:
A4 size printable high resolution (300dpi) PDF, PNG, JPEG
I can draw anything except fanart.
I can accept paypal only.
How to order
1. Send your email to " " with the following info:
Subject: Commission
Name: (Nickname or whatever name you would like to me recognize you as)
Character number: (amount of character)
Description: (insert a brief description of your character, or any special request)
Reference: (Please insert picture reference of your character as attachment)
Email Address: (the email address that I will be sending the final product to)
Paypal address: (the email address you use to login paypal)
2. After I confirm your order, I will reply you. I might be late in reply depending on the amount.
3. I will work on your commission. No deposit needed. Y
:iconpenguinfrontier:PenguinFrontier 65 18


I think that you have a decent enough idea of what you want written. Or at least the story to be told. For that I think there's definit...

I have very little experience with Mech...anything, to be honest. But I do have an inner eye that is quite strong. So, I am comfortable...



Hello, all people interested. I'm going to be moving accounts and no longer updating or adding to this one. Reason is that 2015 has probably been the worst year of my life and I would like to remove most association with memories of it. I'm going to be adding content to an account that I've had for yearssssss called :iconiriplenex:

Feel free to watch me there. I'll be more free and more open with it.


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I'm learning to be the artists I always wanted to be. It's going to take hard work and dedication but I feel now is the point in my life when I can pursue and feel good about it.

Keep in touch.


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